Self-Seal Firestopping Products

1. Why Firestop?
The purpose is to contain a fire to the smallest area possible and inhibit smoke from traveling to other areas of the building. Ultimately, by containing or slowing down the spread of smoke and fire, you will increase the time for evacuation and allow for the firefighters to react. The goal of firestopping is to SAVE lives and minimize building damage.

2. Where can I find system listings?
Visit our Self-Seal Firestop website and see all our latest listings under the “Listings Library” tab.

3. Are NUCO products certified UL, ULC and cUL?
Nuco Firestop solutions products are UL, ULC and cUL certified as well as FM and Wornock Hersey.

4. Should I use GG-200 or SL-100 on a floor service penetration?
In general SL-100 would be preferable since it’s a self leveling material and will reduce labour cost since there’s little to no tooling required. See our listings to ensure the proper product is used for every application.

5. Can I use Self-Seal products outside?
Yes, because our firestop products are made of silicone, it carries all the benefits of silicone, including resistance to cracking, ultraviolet radiation and ozone.

6. What is the difference between Firestopping caulk and regular silicone caulks?
Firestop caulks are part of rated systems and are composed of specific components unlike regular silicones that can contain certain chemical differences.

7. Can I use intumescent caulk around metal piping and cable?
Yes, but consult our product listings to ensure the proper listing is being used with your application.

8. Why use fender washers with Firestop collars?
The fender washers will help the collar stay in place by absorbing some of the force created by the ring should it expand in a fire situation.

9. Do you have a line of Firestop pillows?
NUCO does not have a line of Firestop pillows or temporary Firestop listings. For applications where pillows are recommended by other firestop companies, please call our technical department and let us give you an alternative.

10. What is an annular space?
The distance between the outside diameter of the pipe or cable and the hole it’s penetrating.

11. Does NUCO product contain asbestos?
No, NUCO’s product do not contain any Asbestos